Schedule and Fees


8:45 AM-4:30 PM

Drop off : between 8:45-9:00

Pick up: Between 4:15-4.30


Full payment for the  session must be made on the first day of the session.

Full Day: $ 110

Morning only: $ 65 ( 8:45-12:00 )

Afternoon only: $75  (12:15- pick up between 4:15-4.30)

First session: September 2nd- November 27th

Second session : November 27th –  February 27th 2016

Third Session: February 27th – May 19th

Fourth Session:  May 26th- June 29th


Color Me French will be closed on the following Paid Holidays

September 7th: Labor Day

Columbus Day: October 10th

Thanksgiving:  Wed 23 & Thursday 24
Christmas:  December 19- January 1 2017
Ski week:  February 20-24
Easter:   April 17-24 ( included)
Memorial Day: May 29

summer vacation: August 21st to September 5th (included)

Color Me French neither deducts tuition for holidays when the program is closed nor substitutes days for missing days (some exceptions may apply)

However we will not charge you for our summer break.


8:45-9:00: Drop off and Free Play, children engage in self directed activities, such as blocks,drawing, books

9:00: Clean up

9:15-9:35 : Gouter/ Snack du matin

9:35-10:00: Circle time , it is a time to check in with everyone, sing our bonjour song, and other comptines. Learn our letter of the week. and Read our ” livre de la semaine”

10-10:25 : Art project, science project or baking

10:30-11:20 outing

11:20: Back at the house. getting ready for lunch.

11:30: Lunch time

12:00: Morning children leave

12:15: Afternoon children arrive and get ready for lunch.

12:45: Children who stay all day are getting ready for nap

1.00-1.30: free play

1.30-2.15:  Small motor skills activities, literacy (cutting, letters, gluing, reading books)

2:30: Gouter/ Snack

3:00: Art/ Science or baking

3:30-4.30: outing

4:30: Aurevoir

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