CMF’s unique teaching philosophy stemmed from years of teaching and experimenting with various pedagogies and a desire to create a well balanced program that fosters creativity, kindness, and the ability to act upon the world.
Our philosophy is rooted in 3 core concepts:

A blended curriculum:
We are heavily influenced by the teachings of Loris Malaguzzi (Reggio Emilia), Maria Montessori, and Celestin Freinet (l’école Moderne). The children experience a variety of creative play, child directed projects, Montessori style autonomous activities, and teacher guided activities. Each learning situation is designed to empower the children to problem solve and create. Our socio-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum is a fusion of California mindfulness teachings and the French maternelle “vivre ensemble” skills development practice.

Mixed age group:
The program is designed for children to spend at least 2 years at Color Me French. Our mixed aged classroom provides an ideal environment for the children to develop socially, creatively and academically. Children learn from the oldest when they start, and they end up being role models and care takers in the end. We believe this cycle creates naturally occurring rich learning situations while respecting the children’s natural pace and readiness to learn.

Joy and appreciation:
The first few years spent at school are fundamentally formative: they will shape the children’s future ability to happily be who they’re meant to be. It is during those preschool years that children come into being, their personality unfolds, and so does their creativity and sense of agency if embraced and nurtured. We believe that to instill a love of learning in children, they should be met where they are and made feel competent.
Color Me French is a place for children and their ideas to be celebrated.