Outdoor play


We adventure outside everyday.

We strongly believe that children benefits a lot from exploring nature and outdoor play.

We have a great backyard, where we play, and plant seeds. We have a table to do our Art activities, water tables for water play,  a sand box, and basketball hoops.

Through at the year we also like to take the children on field trip through out the neighborhood. Our school is a few blocks away from Mountain Lake park, The Golden Gate Park, Argonne playground and the 10Th avenue library playground.

Children take their learning from each and every day and build on their learning with different experiences. Being outdoor, they learn important physical skills, they run and use their bodies in different ways than if they were playing indoors. They learn about different textures, sounds, and smells because the environment is naturally different from the indoors.

We let them explore their environment through their minds.By carefully supervising them.

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